I am so fuming mad. (I am alidear73, by the way) x.

I didn’t want to assume this guy was referencing Steubenville because the image was general and there are lots of other intoxicated rape instances. But when he had the balls to say “The victim didn’t say no… why is it always the man raping the woman” I was about to flip some shit.

I tried to be civil at the beginning because women most certainly are not the only victims of rape. A man can be the victim of rape but it typically is not the case. This asshat is insinuating that not only was what those boys did was okay, but he thinks that they could have been the victims. I have no words.

If you follow me, you’ll know that I don’t ever blog about stuff like this (rape culture) save for my post the other night and I’m not overly feminist, but this was just too much.

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